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Hello Human - Launch Day

Today is launch day for my new game Hello Human. This is my 6th game launch for Kinoro Games, and arguably the most ambitious.

Hello Human is a puzzle game that is visually distinguishable from similar titles, largely due to the way I present the narrative. This was no accident. At the very start I decided that in an effort to stand out, I wanted to create something that looks unlike any other game. I also had a keen interest on building something with a funny/witty/twisted AI narrative. No doubt this was as a direct result of gaming influences such as Portal and The Stanley Parable.

Will that be enough to make the game stand out from the crowd. Well, of course not, not on it's own at least. But perhaps it will help.

So what else can I do? Well, as ever, I have a tight budget to work worth - not zero but pretty close, so I have had to be creative in my marketing efforts. Time will tell whether those efforts bear fruit. Perhaps I will write a blog post about those efforts if anyone is interested. They include some new things I haven't tried before, such as discounting a previous (but related) game, publishing a demo to, and starting my own discord.

But for now, let's see how launch day pans out. Wish me luck!

Feel free to check out this trailer:

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07 มิ.ย. 2563

Thank you for responding to my App Store review. C’mon. Give me a clue. I can’t figure out HOW to do it unless you tell me WHAT I’m supposed to do. Three squares: 3, 7, 2. Each one stays white if I tap it enough times, but how many times it takes varies. Tell me what I need to know, PLEASE! And, no, if I can’t do this one, I’m not going to try another of yours and just end up more frustrated. Please respond.

Thank you,

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