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Make Squares - who needs a publisher?

Remember that retro game with the falling blocks? The one where you have to arrange them neatly to create horizontal lines? Of course you remember.

Now, ever wonder what it would be like to play a game inspired by it, but where you must create squares around a rotatable point? Of course you don't.

Even if you did wonder for a split second, I'm sure you probably think your time is very precious, as you sit there, quietly camping in an abandoned building in Fortnite, because you have no decent weapons, and think that's the best way to make it to the end of the game (the only tactic I am capable of).

Nevertheless, I am pleased to announce that my *award-winning game Make Squares is now back firmly in the hands of Kinoro Games. I know what you're thinking:

"Can I get back to Fortnite?", followed swiftly by "Who had it before Kinoro Games?".

Well, it's spent the last 18-ish months with the publisher Gecko Studio. It was a mixed experience full of promise (initially) which ended with the publisher going bust before the game was ever released under their label. What's more, I spent many many many hours making changes to the game at the publishers request. It's a shame it didn't work out. But now I have had time to digest things, I am actually extremely pleased it's mine again.

Despite some good reviews, Make Squares never got the downloads I expected. However, that doesn't change the fact that I'm very proud of the game as a whole, and "selling out" to a publisher never completely sat well with me. I fell out of love with the game, but still had the responsibility and contractual obligation to make the requested changes to the game. That was hard.

As for the post title, "Who needs a publisher?". I guess that's a little bit tongue-in-cheek. It didn't work for me. But it works for many others - I just had a bad experience I suppose.

So, welcome back Make Squares :-)

*might be a lie

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