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Should you listen to appstore reviews?

I'm sure you will agree, that is a pretty good review of Hello Human.

With 5 stars too! How fantastic. I mean, truly. This is why I make games, nothing beats feedback like that. Nothing.

Well, maybe a million pounds.

But what if the review is bad? Should you listen? By the same reasoning, should you listen to the good? Surely the only purpose the good reviews serve is to boost your ego?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you should listen to both, and especially the bad ones. Don't ignore. In many ways they are the best form of user feedback that you could possibly receive. Sure, they may be expressed in a nasty and even personal manor. That bit you CAN ignore. But listen to the criticism. Take this made up but very typical review for example:

"Dude, I just wasted 5 minutes of my life playing your f***ing sh** trash game. The controls may have well been non-existent. You f***ing suck."

Hidden amongst the nasty rhetoric lies a very real and important criticism of your game.

Don't be a fool. Listen to the idiots.

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