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Circles Incoming


A spectacular blast-em-up that takes skill and strategy. Shoot different circle enemies with awesome blasters, and earn the best score in the world!




  • Lots of enemy types approach you in various ways

  • Collect blaster powerups along the way (automatic blasters, homing missiles, triple blasters...)

  • Protect yourself with shield powerups

  • Control the action with simple controls and enjoy the stunning explosions

  • Want to purchase powerups instantly in-game? There's an upgrade for that

  • Want to earn bonus points for accuracy? There's an upgrade for that

  • ...And much more


So what are you waiting for?


Circles Incoming - Master the blaster!


  • Spectacular blaster action

  • Lots of powerups

  • Upgrade as you go

  • Complete awesome challenges

  • Get the best score in the world!

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